Coating Systems


Many types of roof systems exist, but the surface exposed to the sun is the one that determines if a roof is cool or not. New or existing roofs can be made “cool” by selecting the appropriate system.

Cool roof systems include special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. These systems protect the roof surface from ultra-violet (UV) light and chemical damage. The HydroStop PremiumCoat System is considered the best in class by industry professionals and property owners given its technical attributes, sustainability and cool roof technology

This highly durable colorfast premium roof FinishCoat can be custom colored to your desired aesthetic or you can choose from the standard colors available

At Paramount, we specialize in waterproofing systems exclusively.

Whether the substrate of your roof is metal, concrete or plywood with parapet walls, flashing of all types or low sloped-roofing the coating systems we install will create a fully encapsulated, monolithic system that covers the entire field of the roof. In this way, your property is protected it from the elements – even in the harshest of climates and weather conditions that Louisiana has to offer.

Our waterproofing solutions extend the lifespan of your property and lower the cost of ownership. You can expect to experience reduced operating costs and maintenance expenses.

Energy Savings at a Glance – PDF

Given our years of extensive experience in providing leak proof systems; we offer the best in class solutions:

HydroStop PremiumCoat System


HydroStop PremiumCoat System is considered best in class for fluid applied waterproofing systems. The System installation is straightforward and can be applied
over almost any substrate saving you money as removal of the existing roofing system is not required.

With 15, 20 and 25 year renewable and transferable warranties available for roofs – the system never has to be torn off and is an investment in your property.

The integrity of the System is based on the multi-layered process and can be installed on virtually any substrate in a wide variety of colors.

Check out the installation of the HydroStop PremiumCoat System at the North Kenner Library.



Kymax is a low-build elastomeric finish coating that provides the ultimate in reflectivity, color stability, algae resistance and weatherability over new or existing roof surfaces.

Kymax is very flexible, and yet provides a tough, enamel-like finish that resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt, acid rain and all types of weather extremes. These properties make it very easy to maintain as it resists dirt and grime.

United Coatings Roof Mate System


The Roof Mate product is water-based and a high solids elastomeric coating.

Roof Mate was developed for extending the life of metal, conventional built-up, modified bitumen, concrete, Hypalon®, EPDM, sprayed-in-place or board-stock
insulation, or composite shingle roofs.