Flooring Systems

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Solutions that suit a wide variety of applications: Residential – Industrial – Commercial – Retail

Flooring systems we install extend the life of your building by protecting the substrate and provide surfaces and finishes customized to the your building’s use.

Flooring Systems can be installed with waterproofing materials to provide seamless watertight surfaces.

The flooring systems improve the appearance and safety of flooring surface with decorative finishes and non-skid option available. Once complete the floor and space will be revitalized at very cost effective rates and are typically more cost efficient and longer lasting than carpet and more attractive than vinyl composition tile (VCT).

A wide variety of options are available to suit different environments:

  • Garage floors – residential and commercial
  • Kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Heavy loads – such as manufacturing
  • Food processing and research – harsh processing environments
  • Light duty settings – clean rooms, warehouse storage

Brands we install:

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Just a few examples of flake finishes available:

  Epoxy CB Epoxy RBW Epoxy BW

Metallic finishes – can be done solid – or in a blend:

  Epoxy Gold Metalic  Epoxy Terracotta Metalic Epoxy Brown Metalic

Solid, matte finishes:

  Epoxy Blue Epoxy Teal  Epoxy Cream Epoxy White

The options are endless.

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