Asphalt & Concrete


The proven technology leader in the pavement coatings field StreetBond creates a surface that is durable, practical, safe and sustainable.

StreetBond systems enable design professionals to deliver visual excellence and improve the appearance of a variety of settings all while provide a surface that is durable, practical, safe and sustainable.


With its unique formulation, StreetBond150 coatings offer superior performance with asphalt in all weather conditions. The system is easy to apply, and highly durable in harsh climates and high traffic areas. The solar reflective properties of StreetBondSR contribute to obtaining LEED certifications.

The wide variety of colors provide you with options to match your property’s existing aesthetic.


Designed for bike or bus lanes StreetBondCL is a low maintenance solution that is colorfast, resistant to delamination or peeling with skid/slip resistance surface.

StreetBondCL can incorporate StreetBondSR solar reflective technology for cool pavements as well.


The specialized characteristics of this product reduce the amount of solar energy absorbed by the pavement surface. StreetBondSR can contribute to LEED credits. Applications include parking lots, pedestrian areas and streetscapes.

DuraShield by StreetBond

Durashield not only protects asphalt from degradation due to oxidation from exposure to water and ultra violet rays, it also covers minor surface cracks improving the appearance.