The USA Corp. of Engineers

What we did

A repair and restoration of the Corp. of Engineers warehouse roof at 7400 Leake Avenue, Orleans Parish, New Orleans was required to repair a failing system. The HydroStop PremiumCoat System was the preferred choice as they recognized the superior qualities offered by this waterproofing solution.

The site is an active building – fully operational and as with all of our projects – we completed this with little to no inconvenience to the client. As part of the scope of work – we repaired failing sections of the metal roof, removed and reinstalled translucent light panels and a full gutter system in addition to the waterproofing work completed on the entire roof.

Under the purview of a highly technical client such as the Corp. of Engineers – we were pleased to work with American Contractor and Technology Inc. as partners on this project. Working in collaboration with both general contractors and clients to ensure projects are completed on time, within scope and as budgeted is something we continue to excel at for all projects, including this one.

Update: April 2014 – The Corp. of Engineers was so pleased with this project – we are now scheduled to complete work on the walls of the building using the same system.