Rouses’ Supermarket, Metarie

What we did

Rouses’ Supermarkets is a fixture in Louisiana and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to complete projects on a number of their locations across the State.

At the Metairie location we completed repair work and waterproofing to the 44,521 square foot roof. This involved installation of the HydroStop PremiumCoat System – a multi-step system that culminates in a fully encapsulated, monolithic waterproofing system protecting the building envelope.

In a nutshell – the scope of work included preparing the surface, completing repairs to portions of the roof that were failing and then installation of the watertight system – which includes 5 distinct components –elastomeric compounds, nonwoven polyester fabric and finish coats. We completed this project all while ensuring the property was fully operational and no interruption of business was experienced and no inconvenience to customers.

During the project, the HydroStop PremiumCoat manufacturer – Quest Construction Products – completed inspections to ensure this technically superior system is installed correctly. This third-party involvement is essential and of great value to our clients. Once complete, the client received the 15-year no-dollar-limit, materials and labor warranty from Quest Construction Products.